Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Wedding Time Capsule from Sterling Silver Weddings!

The wedding is a wonderful occasion and every bride wants to save that special memory, photo's, videos, scrapbooks and special memories. But what about the future? Going into a marriage is when we think about what the rest of our lives are going to be like. A wedding time capsule offers another opportunity to hold onto some cherished memories in a unique way. Time capsules have long been a fun and mysterious way to capture memories and mark significant life transitions and as a special gift to you, Sterling Silver Weddings would like to give you one for free when you contract my services.

So here is what you do! As a couple decide on the date you want to open up your wedding time capsule. Will it be on your 10th wedding anniversary or how about the 25th, Silver Wedding Anniversary? There will be plenty of things to include in your time capsule, here are a few ideas:

1. Items from your wedding including a copy of the invitation, one of the party favors, napkins, matches, a piece of lace from your dress and of course photo's and a video of your wedding.

2. Predictions from the bride and groom, where you will live in 20 years, will you win the lottery, what kind of jobs will you have, what kind of vacations will you take?

3. Of course the most important question, will you have kids? and if so, how many? boys or girls? what will their names be? Who will your kids look more like, the bride or groom?

4. Write each other a letter to include which will capture the love you are feeling for each other at the time of your wedding. Another extension of this would be a copy of your wedding vows.

5. Have the time capsule at your reception and ask your wedding party and guests to include their thoughts and wishes for you on slips of paper.

6. Other fun things to include would be the cork from your champagne toast, a copy of the wedding days newspaper, and silly questions such as who will get gray hair first, the bride or groom?

Contact me today at (703)863-6720 to schedule your free wedding planning consultation from Sterling Silver Weddings. Once we have decided on the services I will provide, I will give you your customized time capsule. Let the memories begin!