Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Every Bride Wants.......

Chair Covers! Yes, it's true, the infamous chair cover. At least 100 of them please, or more, depending on how many guests RSVP to your dream wedding! Frankly, chair covers are the single most requested item in the wedding industry and by having them, it can make your wedding look elegant, posh, and expensive!!! You can see the difference it makes by looking at the before and after example in the above pictures #2 & #3. I mean, who wants an off green color chair if you are using pink and purple in your wedding? Made of any material and color imaginable, linen, satin, organza, crush, etc. with the added matching sash or bow, is sure to make your event decor come together. Of course, pricing can range anywhere from $2 to $8 a piece jacking your price per person amount up substantially. Brides are going crazy trying to find chair covers in the right color, with the right color sash. They are on the hunt searching on-line, ebay, calling their local rental store and generally flipping out over these items. But what if the chair covers you bid on and ultimately win are not the right size and shape for the chairs at your venue? If you rent or purchase the wrong size and shape, it could end up looking tacky and not tailored for your room. Believe it or not, there are so many different size and shape chair cover. Your wedding facility could house a banquet round, square, scalloped, large, or folding chair. Let me do the homework for you and find the right size to make the right fit.

With that said, there is no need to worry. I have partnered with a service that rents chair covers that will fit 99.9% of the chairs out there. They also provide the sash and other things, such as matching napkins, table clothes, and table runners. They take orders all day long and ship them for a small shipping fee. The items you order arrive cleaned and pressed and ready to throw on a chair. After the reception, all of the chair covers are put back into the boxes they were shipped in and returned. If Aunt Sally spills her red wine on the chair cover, it is okay, they will clean and re-press the items and make them ready for the next event.

If chair covers aren't your thing, but the chairs at your venue are just not acceptable, you could always rent the chair itself. Most pricing for the foldable white chairs begin at $3 a piece with a delivery charge on top. Who would have thought, that where Aunt Sally sits and what she sits on would be such a big part of your wedding planning?
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gray Area Photography

Pictures preserve life's moments, an image captured forever. Gray Area Photography can capture those moments for you. A photographer for all occasions; events, auctions, fundraisers, festivals and weddings; portraits, musicians, live bands and cover art; architecture, landscapes, historic locations and nature. We'll shoot your event, and develop your images for web, print or multimedia.We specialize in creating great pictures and professionally developed images, all done at reasonable prices. As well as offering great images we also use cutting-edge techniques, including tethered PC for instant rendering, a full line of digital image-processing software, and professional Nikon cameras and lenses.
When you choose Gray Area Photography, you'll get a Photographer that strives to offer you great results by bringing professionalism, personality and passion to everyshoot. I share a positive and easy to work with attitude that creates a relaxed atmosphere for your photo experience. My name is Donnie Gray, and welcome to the world of Gray Area Photography.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ritchie Farm

So, I went out to Ritchie Farm with Bride & Groom ~ Angela & Blake. It is located in rural Bealton, VA, and is very beautiful, simple and perfect for the couples May date. The venue consists of a huge covered pavillion situated next to a wide open fresh water lake. The grass is flat which will serve as a perfect spot for the ceremony against the lake. The Pavillion itself has a seperate entrance for restrooms (his and hers) as well as a full service kitchen. But the biggest surprise of the day was when Mrs. Ritchie opened the storage room and it was filled with white tables
and chairs! No extra renting necessary. If you are looking for a great place to have an outdoor wedding and can withstand the (easy) drive you and your guests would have in order to get there from Northern Virginia, this place is it! The price tag is also easy on the budget at $750 for the full day (until 11:00 pm) with a $150 deposit. One draw back could be the rehearsal, which is not included but if you pay $250 for the night before you can rehearse for 2 hours.