Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ritchie Farm

So, I went out to Ritchie Farm with Bride & Groom ~ Angela & Blake. It is located in rural Bealton, VA, and is very beautiful, simple and perfect for the couples May date. The venue consists of a huge covered pavillion situated next to a wide open fresh water lake. The grass is flat which will serve as a perfect spot for the ceremony against the lake. The Pavillion itself has a seperate entrance for restrooms (his and hers) as well as a full service kitchen. But the biggest surprise of the day was when Mrs. Ritchie opened the storage room and it was filled with white tables
and chairs! No extra renting necessary. If you are looking for a great place to have an outdoor wedding and can withstand the (easy) drive you and your guests would have in order to get there from Northern Virginia, this place is it! The price tag is also easy on the budget at $750 for the full day (until 11:00 pm) with a $150 deposit. One draw back could be the rehearsal, which is not included but if you pay $250 for the night before you can rehearse for 2 hours.

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