Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wedding Dress Shopping Experience!

This weekend I found myself spending the day at David's Bridal in Woodbridge, VA. The experience was much better than I had anticipated. I had been on many different appointments at this vendors, but this time it was a little different. I attended the appointment with one of my Brides... and all of her family. This included two of her attendants (Maid of Honor and one of the Bridesmaids) two flower girls, Mother of the Bride, Cousin of the Bride, Aunt & Uncle of the Bride and the M-I-L to be! What a crowd this was! We had a pre-arranged appointment with a wonderful person named Ashley. Ashley approached and spoke to the Bride about what she wanted in a wedding gown, colors for wedding, and general information about how she was going to organize this crowd who had shown up to give their opinion about the infamous wedding dress. She placed the Bride in a dressing room and gave her a special bra and slip to put on. While the Bride was busy in the dressing room, Ashley was busy pulling dresses from the multitude of racks. She brought out about 5 dresses initially and began helping the Bride get dressed. I was on standby to help, but was mostly getting chairs together so "the family", who were all waiting in anticipation to see their lovely Bride step from the dressing room for the first time in a wedding dress. And suddenly there she was! Standing before everyone in a mermaid style gown with beautiful beading and design. It was just what she was looking for, everyone gasped in awe! Tears began to flow from a few eyes. At that distinct moment, it was all sinking in. She was actually going through with everything and buying the dress was the ultimate confirmation.

After the initial gasp had gotten out of everyone's system, it was time for the brides maids and flower girls to try on a few dresses themselves. It was decided that everyone would find a dress that mimicked the Brides gown. Inititally they wanted Palm Beach Coral that matched the Beach Themed Reception. After everyone tried on several, the two lovely little flower girls made an appearance in matching Champagne colored dresses. Suddenly the color had taken a drastic change. Everyone loved it, very formal, yet sandy colored, and would still work with the theme. Sort-of a formal shabby sheak, as everyone could picture off white colored seashells, sanddollars, and starfish floating in sand filled vases across tables with a dash of Palm Beach Coral thrown in.

I would definately recommend David's Bridal Shop, but particulary the Woodbridge store and please ask for Ashley. The appointment is a must, walks-ins could have even worked, as they were not too busy on a Sunday afternoon (this could change with the impending Christmas rush coming). Ashley was extremely organized and well informed in regards to dress styles and colors, stock, delivery, pricing, and sharing the discount program with all. Ashley presented us with her general knowledge and showed just how much she cared which made this a wonderful day.

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